Picturesque and varied landscapes, cultural and historical richness are the main assets of Malopolska. From Malopolska Upland to the Western Carpathians, Malopolska hosts 6 national parks and 11 landscape parks, which, together with an impressive number of monuments, make it one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland. Its 34 universities with the most known primeval Jagiellonian University, educate more than 200.000 students annually. Favourable conditions for business development make Lesser Poland a dynamic and increasingly prosperous region.


Culturally diverse and open to the world. This is the shortest description of this region. Opolskie is also the richest Polish region, when castles, palaces and manor houses are concerned. The capital of the Province - Opole is famous for the National Song Festival organized for more than half a century. In addition to urban setting in the region, there are 4 national parks with 34 nature reserves.


This nearly five-million metropolis constitutes the investment power of Poland. It is Silesia. With the progress of digitalisation of the region, growing industries are able to catch up with the global trends. The rapidly expanding industry is backed by young and qualified people, often graduates from one of over 40 Silesian universities. On top of business, the region is also famous for its rich cultural and touristic life.