10 maja 2019

Poszukiwani Partnerzy w ramach programu Erasmus + i Key Action 2

Poszukiwani Partnerzy w ramach programu Erasmus + i Key Action 2

Szkoła z Francji oraz z Hiszpanii poszukuje partnerów w celu zorganizowania wymiany dla uczniów w ramach programu Erasmus+ i Key Action 2. 

Zgłoszenia należy przesyłać jak najszybciej. 

Więcej informacji na ten temat znajdą Państwo poniżej:


Program / Call for proposals: Erasmus+, Key Action 2 (School exchange partnership)

Project Title: B.E.S.T. (Build Equality through Sport Together)

Current Partners

Collège Notre Dame, Marvejols (France) Institut Serrallarga, Blanes (Spain) (Coordinator of the project)

Description of the partners

Two schools (one French and one Spanish) are looking for two other schools to create an exchange between their schools based on sports practice during 2 years.     

Partners sought:  Two secondary schools (students aged between 12 and 16) in Europe.

Outline of the project

The French and Spanish schools are looking for two partner schools to carry out a two-year Erasmus+ KA2 project on the topics of sport and inclusion. They would like to promote sport as a means to fight for equality between the sexes, as well as a means to fight against exclusion and discrimination based on social differences or handicap, and will also deal with doping, violence, healthy lifestyle, etc.  The project will involve different subjects such as P.E., biology/science, arts, foreign languages, I.T., etc. Several teachers will have to be part of the project in each partner school. 


Partners want to promote local sports specificities (sailing and diving in Blanes, outdoors sports such as hiking and skiing in Marvejols, etc.). They will organize project activities with the support of local organizations or associations for a greater impact on the local community. Four mobilities with students will take place during the project (one in each of the partner countries), and will be the occasion to organize a European sports event.

If you are interested in this project, please contact as soon as possible:

Elodie Bourgoin

Teacher in the secondary school Notre Dame in Marvejols

Email: echabalier@yahoo.fr